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For ease of viewing, and so you can view in the most
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characteristic of some devices), this file is in a special
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167 pages, 8.5 X 11.  Has the exact same content as
"The Rapture And Daniels' 70th 
Week Unveiled," but a
different Title & ISBN #.

* Why The Rapture is not Imminent, includes
   the events that Jesus shows in Matthew 24.

* See how when the various End Time scriptures
   are connected with each other in context, a
picture regarding the approximate timing
   of  The Rapture is seen.

* Why the 70th Week Of Daniel (a 7-year period) is
   the key to understanding the timing of End
   Events; it has not yet started.

* Although we don’t know the calendar day when the
   70th Week will begin, Daniel states that
Key event,
   and then the timing of other End Time events can
   be understood.

* Daniel’s 70th Week is the last 7-years immediately
   prior to The Millennium.

* End Time Terms are Biblically explained; this
   eliminates the confusion that many people have.

* Other amazing prophecies that many people have
   misunderstood for years.

  • Item #: e-Book The End Times Unveiled


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