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57 pages 8.5 X 11. Has the same content
as "Part III of the actual Soft Cover Books,"
and Chapters 12 and 28.

Is the last 7-years of Daniel’s 70 Week
Prophecy- Dan. 9:24-27.
Bible scholars
recognize each week is a 7-year period.

* Is the last 7-years immediately prior
   to The Millennium.

* Is The Key to understanding the
   timing of End Time Events.

* It begins when the Jews reinstitute
   The Sacrifice And Oblation- which
   is the Daily Sacrifice.

* The Rapture is not Imminent, as
   the Bible shows The Rapture
   doesn’t take place until 
near the
   end of the 7-years.

* Provides key Insight to see how
   the End Time Scriptures of the
   New Testament, 
especially Matthew 24,
   1st and 2nd Thessalonians, and
   Revelation all fit precisely.

* Other amazing prophecies that many
   people have misunderstood for years
   are easily 
explained, including what
   Daniel says about The Rapture.

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